Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mission Statement

The word radical means "from the root".  To be a radical, then, one must always be looking at the roots of problems, questioning fundamental assumptions and going beyond common understanding and conventional wisdom.

In the context of psychology, we take radical to mean a commitment to challenging the status quo and exploring new ideas. This blog has three main goals:

1)  a new approach to psychological issues which forgoes common conventions and draws inspiration from feminism, queer theory, anti-racism, disability rights activists and radical politics, among others
2)  critique of psychological institutions and standards such as the DSM, pharmaceutical industries, and academia
3)  exploring ways in which psychology can inform political and social action and thought

We hope to build a community of people committed to these goals and dedicated to a vibrant, respectful discussion of our experiences and issues. We believe that establishing a community which values the experiences of professionals and laypeople alike is one of the most important aspects of radical psychology.  As such, we invite comments, criticisms, and contributions. So long as you speak with respect, anyone is welcome here.

~ Kale & Shauna

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Anonymous said...

Your mission statemant sounds good. It's always comforting to see that critical spirit's not dying. I would be delighted if you would add my page to your link list:
Good luck!